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July Classes at Revere Academy

Hi Everyone!

We still have a few spaces left in some of the July classes at
Revere. Don’t miss out on my one day Kum-boo class on July 24th. I
will be demonstrating both 24k and 22k techniques, plus I have other
new tricks and treats in store! Our complete summer schedule is
online at

Hope to see you in class!
Christine Dhein
Revere Academy Instructor and Assistant Director

KUM-BOO Elective Workshop
9 am - 4 pm on July 24
$125 + $50 kit

Learn this awesome Korean surface technique in just one short day!
Guided by an expert, you will watch each step in the procedure of
bonding pure gold to silver surfaces. Kum-boo results in
dramatically rich colors and beautiful textural possibilities,
offering a whole palette of effects to explore, as well as enhancing
the perceived value of the jewelry. Prerequisite: Fabrication 1 or
experience. 6 hours

$465 + $30 kit 9 am - 5 pm on
A: July 16-18 or B: Sept 20-22

Goldsmiths, silversmiths and blacksmiths all use hammers to shape
metal by forging, raising, sinking and forming. These age-old
techniques are the foundation for making metal objects of all sizes,
including jewelry. Take this class and learn the basics of smithing,
using several types of hammers. You will complete a series of
functional and ornamental projects in copper and/or silver, including
several forging and forming samples, a small raised bowl and a forged
bangle bracelet. Prerequisite: Fabrication 2 or experience. 21 hours

9 am - 3 pm on July 19-21 or B: Aug 20-22
$335 + $25 kit

Casting is as important to jewelers today as it was thousands of
years ago. Learn a variety of casting methods with an emphasis on
lost wax casting. Hands-on experience includes centrifugal, vacuum
and sand casting. You will sprue and invest wax models, calculate
metal requirements, control the burnout cycle and cast projects
yourself. Optional: Bring a wax model to cast in silver. 15 hours

9 am - 6 pm on July 23-25
$465 + $70 kit

This class introduces the most common settings used in jewelry:
bezels, prongs and bead settings. In it you will learn to use burs,
pushers, punches, hammers, gravers and a flexible shaft machine.
After watching a master, you will set stones in a thin round bezel,
thick oval bezel, square bezel, tube and prong settings plus you will
learn the basics of bead and pavE9 setting. 24 hours

9 am - 6 pm July 26-28
$465 + $60 kit

This class focuses on prong settings used in jewelry. Instruction
covers 3, 4 and 6-prong settings plus marquise, pear, oval,
triangle, tapered baguette and oval pinpoint cluster. You will work
on actual jewelry while learning valuable skills in layout, burring,
fitting, securing, removing and tightening stones in prongs.
Prerequisite: Setting 1 or experience. 24 hours

9 am - 6 pm on July 30-Aug 1
$465 + $30 kit

The technique of setting small diamonds flush into the surface of
metal is used extensively in fine jewelry. Instruction covers the
preparation and use of gravers, burs and beading tools, as you learn
layout, drilling, burring, seating, bead-raising and bright-cutting.
Projects include star, box, row, cluster and flush (gypsy) setting.
Prerequisite: Setting 1 or experience. 24 hours

Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, Inc.
760 Market St., Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94102