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Julieta Odio Bernardi - Jewelry Gallery

My work is the translation of my life, I laugh, I experiment, I do the serious thing every now and then and I tend to marry repairable materials just because… My works are my children.

“uncombed brooch” - sterling silver and steel, moving parts

“uncombed brooch”

“uncombed brooch” - sterling silver and found object, construction

“tupee ring”

“tupee ring” - sterling silver, construction and crochet wirework


“carbon” - polyester resin and sterling silver


“chocita” - sterling silver and citrine stone, construction, reticulation and fusion


“huesotres” - cowbone, 14k white gold, diamond and saphire


“traforo” - white gold, diamonds, engraved

“tickling ring”

“tickling ring” - sterling silver, feathers and polyester resin


“bomba” - 18k yellow gold, heat stained