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Judy in Kansas - bench exchange

Here are some photos of my dungeon, which it truly is since I have no windows. That means lighting is really important and I like Dazor lamps for tasks. Did you know you can mix fluorescent tubes to mimic daylight?

This is my main work area with lovely hand tools, mostly from @RioGrande. Lots of beads too, which the grandkids enjoy stringing. I don’t use them much anymore.

Love my dissecting scope. As so many have said, it’s amazing how much better it makes setting when one can see all the detail and fine movements. The rolling mill is wearing its collection of silica gel packets saved from various purchases (shoes, jackets, leather goods, etc.) Keeps the baby nice and dry.

When I got my laundry sink, it meant less traveling to get to water - so much more convenient. Note the ionic cleaner, ultrasonic, tumbler, and steamer. All my little water users in a neat…or not so neat, little line.

The all important soldering station. I use natural gas. Citric acid is my pickle of choice.

Judy in Kansas, who is invested in reusing as much as possible, and being environmentally responsible.


I discovered Dazor many years ago when I purchased a desk light with a built-in large magnifier. Hands free and with a long focal length so tools don’t touch the glass. I use it for any beadwork needed. Two years later I got a Dazor floor lamp on wheels which follows me from bench to flexshaft to soldering bench. Invaluable!

Mary P

I have two Dazor 3-light lamps that I bought used when a jewelry manufacture went out of business about 15 years ago. The same bulbs that came with it at the time are still in the lamps. I went to replace them with what I thought were brighter daylight high K bulbs and found the new bulbs were dimmer (duller) that the originals. I returned them and have not ventured back into the confusing search for replacements.

The current bulbs are Phillips 15 watt bulbs. F15T8/D is the model number on the bulb and may not be the same as your particular Dazor. You can see mine here at this link to my bench. Would you mind sharing the bulb combination (type/brand) you placed in your lamp? Thanks.

Hello jmbox,
My apologies for such a tardy response to your question about the bulb combination in my Dazor lamp. FYI, my grandson who was two weeks overdue, is now here and I can resume more normal things…like this query!

here are the 2 bulbs I am using:
GE 15 watt Daylight
GE 15 watt W-DE LUXE Warm White

As I recall, this combination was recommended by an Orchidian many years ago - Todd, I think. It gives good light.

Judy in Kansas, where the first real freeze descended last night, so many of my tender plants are mush now.

Hello Judy, This combination of lights is not only what I have at the bench, I also use them to light jewelry in the store.
. Can we go back to the “back to normal” part? You really believe that. Really? I mean really? Congratulations. Tom

Thank you for your response. Grandchildren are a higher importance. Congratulations. One bulb finally stopped working last week so this is perfect timing.

Additional question - My lights contain 3 bulbs each. So should I use 2 of the Daylight and 1 of the Warm in each lamp or the other way around? Again, thanks for your time.

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Hello Joanne, All my Dazor lights are the 2 fluorescent tube type. Unless you intend to replace all 3 of your tubes, try adding the daylight tube to the other two. This will be an experiment! Perhaps another Orchidian who mixes tube types can offer better advice. I will say that if one tube is toast, the others are likely to expire soon, and it might be worth replacing all three.

Judy in Kansas, who is still picking tomatoes - however if the forecast is correct, a hard freeze will curtail that! Still time to harvest the green ones though, gonna’ let them ripen on the counter. In the meantime, fried green tomatoes anyone?

Thanks Tom. You are right - there is no ‘back to normal’ ;-). BTW perhaps you can respond to Joanne’s query about mixing the fluorescent tubes in her 3 light Dazors.

Judy in Kansas