Dear all,

I’d like to announce the launch of JPM - the International Jewellery
and Precious Metal Information Network.

In brief JPM is a new web and email based resource and
communications network for all those with a professional interest in
jewellery including jewellery history and appraisals/valuations. Its
small and new, but will grow.

Have a look at for details.

It is not - I repeat not - in competition with Orchid-Ganoksin which
provides an amazing and unmatchable resource for working jewellers,
designers etc. JPM is aimed more at the academic aspects - such as
the history of jewellery, historical development of technology and
materials, gemmology, appraisal, authenticity, conservation etc. Of
course there will be some overlaps with Ganoksin, but I am sure the
occasional duplicate posting won’t be a problem.

Also JPM does not conflict with existing jewellery trade
organisations, but supplements them its international scope and by
including jewellery historians, auctioneers and appraisers/valuers.

Anyone has access to the web pages, but you must register as a
member of JPM to use the email exchange and, in the
future, to download some of the articles and educational material.

JPM is still being developed so please bear with us - and if this
posting results in a wave of replies, be patient. With use JPM can
grow to become a truly international resource and communications

Please pass on this to your jewellery industry

AND - reply to me - not the full orchid
list :slight_smile:

Jack Ogden
JPM is sponsored by Osmiridium Ltd -