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JPEG Previewer?

Hi Folks,

I apologize if this is off-subject… but it is for my jewelry
images! = :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of a handy piece of software that allows one to
preview = all the JPEG (or other) images in a directory without
having to open = them individually? Maybe provides a thumbnail
of the images?

Thanks for any help,


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Hiya Dave Fome down under looking up you have a problem This is a
simple task The Software Program for to ask Paintshop Pro V3. It
is available as a shareware product. Does the job and does
exactly what you want. Best Value for money I know…

Regards John (Aurum)

A sexy piece of software, Graphics Workshop (shareware) is available
at :

I use it myself for cataloguing images of jewellery. They can be
easily thumbnailed to assist in keeping things in order. And
it’s not even a Microsoft product… ; - )


A number of different viewers are available. Most image
manipulation software contains a browser mode that will look at
an entire directory. Corel and Adobe both do. Paint Shop Pro is a
shareware program that will create a gallery of jpg thumbnails.
Cnet Http;// has it at this location. Remember
that it is shareware and you must pay for it after thirty days.
This url will take you directly to the download.,4,0-36943,501000.html

Ed Ward Ward’s Stone Creations

Hi There, My wife, Tara Owen subscribes to Orchid. I was just
perusing the e-mail. Your request caught my eye. I Im a graphic
artist that uses PC in my work. I really find that ‘Imageeye’.
Free shareware download at
"". I find it perfect for
looking at large dir of images. One warning don’t ask it to open
& view really large dir like a Netscape cache that has not been
emptied in months, tends to lock up system. Any other graphic
questions send direct.

Good Luck, Todd :slight_smile:

Hi! Dave I think the ‘ThumbsPlus’ is the program you want.and you
can download it from this…site.

good day!

                                      O N J O O   S H O N
                                        Gallery & Studio    

Dave, go to this page there
are a bunch of them and all are freeware or shareware. Kudo Image
Veiwer is good but there are probably better ones if you have
time to test out a few.

Hi Dave,

This might not help much, but I’ll mention it anyway. My
ClipBoard program (that came with Windows NT) has a feature
called ClipBook. Any picture cut/copied to the clipboard can be
saved in the clipbook, and all the pages of the clipbook can be
viewed as thumbnails. The only thing is that I don’t think it
will save the pictures as jpegs, only as clip files. I’m not
sure if the Windows 95 version of it doesn’t have this feature or
if mine is just screwed up.


Hi dave
Hi John

I have got a program Called ACDSee32. It looks like Windows
Explorer but with thumbnails and Full screen viewer.

The program is full of interesting features including a
formatting feature that has saved me alot of disc space (
bitmaps and jpeg). The program wil l also read animated gifs.

You can download it from for a
shareware version.

Then all you have to do is register your copy to get rid of the
nag box (

about $30.00)

Kind Regards

BrianS : - )

You might try a shareware program called “ThumbsPlus” available
via download from various Windows95 shareware sites.

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego

Hi Dave, There are two programs that might do the job for you.
One is Lview Pro which is basically a cataloguing program for
JPEG files and GIF, this will allow you to preview image files
without having to open them, and Paint shop Pro. This is more of
an editing program but will still serve as a graphics file
viewer. You can easily get Lview pro on the 'net. Paint Shop Pro
you could still get on the 'net, it’s a fairly big program, if
you have a fast modem it should be OK. Richard W UK

Hi dave

Try Thumbs Plus … free download trail package at

It will do what you are looking for.


Which of these programs will also retouch photos ? What else
can they do? Sandra

Most of the programs people have been listing will manipulate
jpeg and gif files. Photoshop is top of the line and Paint shop
Pro at the bottom for PC’s. On the MAC’s I am not sure. Image
composer come with Frontpage and it also allows you to retouch.
If you do get into digital image manipulation remeber that the
large files take longer to download from the WEB and you do not
know what type of monitor the viewer has. Large amounts of time
spent on image manipulation are wasted on 90% of the web.

Ed Ward
Ward’s Stone Creations