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Joyas Joias at Velvet da Vinci Gallery

If you can’t get to Velvet da Vinci Gallery (in San Francisco) to
see the “Joyas Joias” exhibit of Latin American jewelry, do yourself
a favor and check it out here: When
you get to the exhibit page, be sure to click on “Click to view all


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Beth, thanks for sharing that site - what a wonderfully exhilarating
array of shapes, colors, ideas run wild! If you ever reach one of
those moments in which you say "I wish I could think of something
totally different, just go look at that site. Wonderful
imaginations - not to say that everything would be wearable in a
comfortable way, but certainly ran the full gamut of design ideas
and materials and textures that just begged to be touched. I enjoyed
it immensely.