Joy Raskin - Jewelry Gallery

Metal Ornaments
Bedford, NH. USA

Have been a metalsmith since 1984, after getting seriously hooked on jewelrymaking in taking jewelry classes at high school. Since then, been perfecting my craft, and taking metalsmithing into new directions with tableware, flatware, boxes and vessel forms. Urban and industrial landscapes, architecture and patterns in nature is what inspires me, for I like clean architectural forms. I love to form and shape wire into many different ways, and have been knitting/weaving wire for almost as long. As I say, my motto is hammer in one hand and torch in other hand. Anything involving brazing or hammering is my passion and I deliberately design work to involve as much soldering as possible.

Materials: nickel, silverplate, bronze, brass
Dimensions: 15" x 7 - 10"

The purse is made with a nickel framework, which silverplated wire, nickel and bronze bezel strip have been woven into the frame. A cover pivots open and close to provide privacy.

Photo credit: Charley Freiberg

Soaring through Time

Materials: nickel and sterling
Dimensions: 4" x 5"

Box is made of nickel which sterling wire has been soldered and pressed into the nickel sheet. The arched cover is sterling that is roller-printed for texture, and accented with a laminated nickel and sterling border.

Photo credit: Charley Freiberg

Rivers salad servers

Materials: brass
Dimensions: 13" x 1/2 - 3"

Set of 2 serving utensils made from brass. Roller-printed, formed and fabricated.

Photo credit: Charley Freiberg