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Jonas DeSantis - Jewelry Gallery

I was brought up in a jewelry manufacturing company founded by my father, Wayne DeSantis. Watching my father and other jewelers fabricate all kinds of jewelry adornments was a daily hobby of mine. Soon, in my teenage years, I was able to take part in many odd jobs around my dad’s 12000 square foot studio such as processing jewelry through his tumble finishing, grinding and polishing component pieces, assembling jewelry, and of course all kind of janitorial work, i.e. sweeping, mopping, cleaning work stations, etc. As years progressed, so did my responsibilities. I now take part in every aspect of my family’s jewelry business which includes design, fabrication, casting, stone setting, wax carving, finishing, sales, and other related tasks. What I enjoy the most is the never ending skill required in high end jewelry fabrication. Always taking things to the next level is very gratifying for me. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

8ct solid opal in yellow 14kt gold custom setting


14kt white gold with diamond and alexandrites


Sterling Silver tapered band with yellow 14kt gold cross and 15 point blue sapphire.