Joining small pieces of wax together

I have a ring project and I need to add some bezel and a back to hold a small stone.

I have read that it is common to use superglue to temporarily join wax.

all though this glue is great, I hate working with it as it sets up too quickly and gets on my fingers.

SO, I have been experimenting with wood glue instead.

I believe it is made from horse hoofs or at one time it was. anyway I think it is organic.
My testing shows it completely burns out as wax does, no problem.

It has a longer setting time than super glue and you can move the glue around with wax working tools and it wipes off neatly.

Has anyone else tried this or have a better solution?

Best Regards

You can get superglue in thin and thick formulas, as well as different set times. You may want to try a thick formula with a 30 second work time.

As for your fingers, maybe try gloves? :thinking:

Thank you I appreciate your time and answer

Best Regards