Joined a new forum got banned from another


This morning I posted a thread together with a link on mentioning the birth of a new gemology forum, I am not affiliated with this forum in any

Two hours later I received an email from Leonid Tcharnyi the
moderator and owner of He banned me from his forum
for violating the forum rules.

The real issueis that Mr. Tcharnyi didn’t like the fact that I
posted a link to a new forum. This is not the first time Mr.
Tcharnyi has arbitrarily removed one of my threads from Pricescope.

We like to think that forums like Pricescope, Your Gemologist and
GemologyOnline exist for the purpose of creating communities of
interest and the free exchange of ideas and We forget
that many of these so-called forums are really in the business of
driving consumer traffic to the commercial part of their sites and
they have moderators who determine who can participate and what
subjects are acceptable and can be discussed and what can be said
and who can be mentioned.

On Pricescope, for example, Mr. Tcharnyi’s rules preclude anyone
even discussing his rules or his policies. Discuss his polices and
you risk being terminated with extreme electronic prejudice. People
just disappear from the forum. Be advised, these forums bare no
resemblence to a democracy. Like the Gestapo, Mr. Tcharnyi simply
knocks on your electronic door in the middle of the night and poof,
“what ever happened to old so and so”. Mr. Tcharnyi sends them an
email. There is no recourse, there is no appeal.

Well for those of my friends who might be wondering what happened,
where I disappeared to, thats the story. I have to say it here
because I have simply disappeared from Pricescope. Whatever, you do
on Pricescope, don’t mention the competition.

As I said in my email to Mr. Tcharnyi, the web is like a river and
it tends to flow up, over, under and around anything that blocks its
path. So I’ll be around here, on and on to answer questions about gemstones and to
provide what help and advise I can.

Warmest regards,