Job Tracking system


I need to begin looking for a new job tracking system for my
shop. The one I currently use is a bar code system that I
generate the bar code stickers, stick them on a job envelope,
scan the envelope into the system, enter job #, description, task
and value, we do the work, then when billing we just scan the
envelope which brings up all the pertinent poop onto the
invoice, we type in the charge, etc. Its beautiful, it does
monthly statements, records payments, adds finance charges ect.
We need this type of system because we do 10,000+ jobs a year and
billing and tracking was taking too much time.

My problem is that the guy who wrote the program for me 4 years
ago is no longer a brilliant computer software engineer looking
for work on the side. He is now president of a 100 employee
software consulting firm and has little time for pibsqueeks like
me. The program is having a number of problems that we can work
around, but I think its time to look for a new one.

I am hoping for a commercially available application that will
fit my needs, or will fit my needs with minor changes. Any ideas?

Thanks Mark P.

Hi, Mark P., You might just approuch this big brilliant
computer wiz that if he comes and works out the bugs for you that
it may just generate more sales in the jewelry world for all of
us that would like a simple program to help keep track of the
repairs and other items that it sound like this system you came
up with will do. If he is the type of business man you say he
is then he will see the possibilities here. good luck Nick

I don’t know what your operating system is, but there is a
program for the Mac O/S called Desktop Labels Pro, that kicks
butt. It will store and organize your mailing lists (up to 32,000
names and addresses), allow you to design custom labels, make
personalized letters/ brochures, create and print any barcode,
all for $24.99! Available from Macsoft- 800-229-2714, or go to

Tim Goodwin

His system even goes as far as controling gold loss by
operation,so that you can evaluate your refinning results. The
system can also link to your images so that the people in your
shop can see the how the part should look when finished.