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Job title?

 I kind of have a problem using the term 'artist' to apply to
myself... (even though that's exactly what I consider that I am) I
feel l ike a self-proclaimed artist sounds a  bit pretentious, like
bragging.  La tely I've been using the term studio jeweler' which I
think is pretty cl ear and understandable 

Mark: Why should the description “artist” sound more pretentious
and bragging than “jeweler” or “sculptor” or “carpenter”? In my
book, the term “artist” is just a general term applied to a person
who is creative- and you could be creative with metal, paint, wood,
words, fabric etc. Since Webster’s defines artist as “a person
engaged in some type of fine art, and an artisan as one engaged in a
craft or applied art”, perhaps you would you be more comfortable
defining yourself as an artisan Just my personal thoughts.