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[Job Seek] Jeweler long term position

My name is Keith Hible and I would like to introduce myself…

Please visit
for jewelry that I have created.

80% or more of the pieces you see were either created from scratch
or created by using materials that the customer already owned.

I make the jewelry, I take the pictures, I work on Gold, Sterling
Silver and Platinum, as well as non-precios jewelry metals. I do
Centrifugal and Vacuum Casting, Mold and Model Making, Wax Carving,
Bright Cutting, Pave’, Channel Setting, Gypsy Setting…

I am particularly talented at hand engraving. Enough so that other
jewelers and machine engraving shops in St. Louis refer customers to

I am extremely computer literate (Build websites, SQL Server
databases, Domain Admin, Network Engineer Etc…) and my current
position as a Senior Client Support Specialist at a major University
reflects that.

I have been co-owner of an independent jewelry store here in St.
Louis for the past 14 years involved in all facets of owning and
operating an independent jewelry store… The tragedy of divorce has
struck me recently so at 44 years of age, I am re-formulating my

I am willing to re-locate for a permanent long term position with
appropriate compensation.

  1. Can you do stone setting? (prong, fancy cut, channel, pave). YES.
  2. Have you worked on Platinum? YES.
  3. Do you do casting ? (Gold, Platinum) YES. Gold. Platinum someday.
  4. Do you carve waxes? YES.
  5. Do you do hand engraving? YES.
  6. Do you see yourself more as a stone setter or a goldsmith? I do
    both well.
  7. Have you ever run or owned a shop? Yes. For 14 years with my
  8. Have you trained and managed employees. YES Jewelers as well as
    numerous teenagers (As many as 16 at a time)

Please respond with your questions.

Keith Hible

Good luck…Keith; I know how you feel I went through a similar
situation in May 06; I have a feeling that you will end up in a good
place both physically and spiritually…