[Job Search] [PA] Bench Jeweler

Hi All,

My name is Blythe Lowry. I am a jeweler living in the Roxborough
section of Philadelphia. I have been enjoying Orchid for quite some
time now as a lurker. I recently lost my job working for a local
jeweler and am now in need of a new one! I graduated from The
University of the Arts in 1994 with a BFA in Crafts/Metals. I have
been making my own work as well as doing a few commissions here and
there while working in restaurants to pay the bills for the last 10
years. As I said, I was working for a local jeweler up until 2 weeks
ago. While there I was predominantly producing earrings with beads
and wire, using various wrapping techniques (although I’m quite
capable of doing far more!!). I am quite familiar with bench work,
soldering, piercing, sawing, you name it! I also became quite
involved with enameling and love it to death! I am looking for full
time work outside of the restaurant world, I just can’t do it
anymore! If anyone is looking to hire someone or knows of someone
that is looking, I would be ever so grateful for any you
may have. I appreciate all the tips and you all share
here every day, you’ve helped me out more than a few times,
hopefully you can help me with this too! I’d be more than happy to
answer any questions anyone has, just email me at

Thanks so much for reading,
Blythe Lowry