Job Search List for jewelers?

Orchidians: Does anyone know of the existence of a job search web site
specifically for jewelers? Does this site also list faculty or
teaching positions?

I know that Charlotte Cody operates a placement service for the
industry. I am not aware of one that posts openings for academic
positions, or a “help wanted” board for small stores or shops, or an
apprenticeship wanted/available list.

Doug Zaruba

the gia particularly can
help here and the ags has job placement help as well

Comment to Karen Stamp who is searching for a jeweler’s position, the
web site she was looking for is
Larry White-

Hi Doug, MJSA runs a “Career Center” with space for job listings and
resume postings on their web site (
Unfortunately, it does not seem to be well utilized. When I checked it
out recently, there were no jobs listed and only a handful of

I don’t know if the problem is lack of awareness on the part of the
industry (I don’t know whether MJSA has advertised it at all) or lack
of jobs. I suspect the former – but perhaps if more people take
advantage of it, it’ll grow in usefulness in time.

Not much help, I know, but perhaps a start.

Suzanne Wade
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