[Job opportunity] Nassau County, NY

I am looking to hire someone part time, really easy job, simple
bench skills, etc. Below I have put down the info needed. If you can
please send this out to your students, etc. Thank you I love you and
miss you so much!!!

Jewelry Designer in Nassau County, Great Neck in need of a part time
bench jeweler assistant. Needed during the week after 5pm, and on
Sundays from 12-8 Days not set, you can come and go as you please,
whenever it is convenient for you.

Just started out, and as time goes by more orders are being made and
I can’t do it on my own. My business is constantly growing so not only
will you be able to see first hand how a business starts out but you
will also develope a great relationship with a well-known jewelry
designer and have the opportunity to be able to grow with the

BENCH SKILLS A MUST! (at least beginner bench skills)

Description includes the following: -sawing -soldering -hammering
-polishing -stone setting -etc

Location: Great Neck, NY Compensation: transportation, and by the
hour will be payed for, in cash, at end of each day you work

Thank you,
Bita Pourtavoosi
Handmade Fashion Jewelry