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Hi to everyone

Is there any special website dedicated to Jobs in the jewelry biz?

I am a 30yrs old swiss male and would like to get a new job in the Asian
region or the USA. I am in the jewelry biz for the last 4 years and spent
about 2/3 of my time in Asia and the other time in Europe. I have been
working for the probably largest jewelry mail order company in europe. I
was in charge of the purchasing, production and the newly started
wholesale business.

Would be glad to receive any hints which might help me to find a job in
the near future.



Dear Roland

In the message archives I found an outfit called “Craftsmen Recruiting
International”. E-mail: Web: They had posted a number of jobs in
the U.S. By the way, I nearly moved to Basel Switzerland 10 years ago, to
open a little jewelry department in a craft school.

Good luck! Tom Tietze
The Artisan Workshop
Fresno, California

Hi Roland ,

Yes !, there are sites with employment opportunities , try…

Hope this helps
Ahmed Shareek

Tried a personal reply but get repeated error msgs. Anyway we are custom
goldsmiths located in the Berkshires of Massachusett. Like to see your

Richard W. Wise

Is there any special website dedicated to Jobs in the jewelry biz?

Yes, there is a site that lists jobs for the silversmithing and jewelry

If they do not have the position you are looking for listed, maybe you can
contact them and see if you can list your request on their site.

Good luck,

Jill Alessandra Jewelry

Here are two great resources:

If you are anywhere near New York City, there is a must attend event
Friday, July 17th, 1998 at the Jacob Javits Center called Career Fair
’98 that is exclusively for the gem and jewelry industry.

There is a (slow loading) web page detailing the event located at or you can register to
attend by sending an email to Vivianne Del Signore - or
telephone her at 760-603-4000 ext. 4065.

Also, there is a job list database at

In order to use it you first have to have to contact GIA’s Career Placement
Assistance Department. Email Richard Nehls - for details on
how to get access the web page.

You can also telephone him at 760-603-4000 ext. 7301 if you prefer.

Best regards,

James Marker
GIA Online