[Job offer] Wax Carver and Sales

Helllllo Orchid, The shop @ Molina Fine Jewellers in Phoenix is now
under new managment and we are currently seeking a “High End " wax
carver who can execute Special Orders that often retail for the
highest value. ( 1/2 to 1 million is not unusual ) Our work is of
the highest caliber and we are currently assembeling a” World Class
shop " Applicants must be professional in skill and attitude, we
have a great new team and are looking for a well skilled “Team
Player” We are now developing a new “in house” line and our carver
should be of Model Making Quality . Anyone interested should fax a
resume to Keith Stevens c/o Molina @ 602-955-2606 . The Boutique is
also seeking a “High End” salesperson who is a Team Player able to
make the" Large Sale" Inquires for the sales
position should be faxed attention Mark Scaruppa @ 602- 955-2606.