[Job Offer] Silverplate Restoration

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for someone in the Rhode Island area who has many years
of experience in silver and gold plating and repairing silverplated
holloware and flatware. Ideally, you will have access to plating
equipment, as I have none here. You would come in and quote each job,
perhaps once a week. You may also be able to perform the repairs in
my workshop. I’m simply not having much luck finding an outstanding
plater of holloware and flatware in this area. I’m a real fanatic for
QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP. Having to degrease a piece after bringing it
back from the plater is bulls _ _ t!

If you’re standards are as high as mine, please e-mail your resume to


Jeffrey Herman, Master Silversmith
Herman Silver Restoration & Conservation
PO Box 72839
Providence, RI 02907
Fax: 401/461-6841
Web: Silver Repair, Restoration, Silver Conservation, Preservation, and Silver Polishing