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[Job Offer] Sale Rep

here is an open opportunity to represent our line near where you

my employer is a 80-year old traditional jewelry company with an
excellent reputation. we recently hit on a new marketing concept
that tested successfully in our area, (tri-state) and a couple of
territiories. now we are looking for entrepreneurial individuals to
rep part time, (2-3 days a week, maybe more during the hot selling
seasons :slight_smile:

the ideal candidate would be currently working in a retail
environment or other jewelry related area and would like to try
something new for a change of pace, with a revenue producing side
line. must enjoy meeting people, be talkative, interactive and
enthusiatic. you might also participate in product idea development
if desired.

when my boss approched me about trying this at first i was concerned
about the driving, and security. so i agreed to travel only within
2.5- 3hrs from home. however, once the driving was no problem at
all, since it was broken up by frequent stops to visit customers-
additionally, i found a high degree of satisfaction introducing a
high quality american made product at a competitive price! because
even in this difficult economic climate i was opening doors and
making sales! with no prior experience! the security issues were
solved by keeping the line small and tight, it fits into a small
bag, like a lap top bag.

for more details, please contact me off list

april karavani
tel: 800.899.5050 (m-f, 8am-4pm, eastcoast time)