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[Job Offer] Oppertunity in Jewelery production


we are looking for a production manager that knows all about jewelry
production and is able to manage a team of jewelers. Great opportunity and
benefits, located on the shores of La Jolla CA Please email resumes to:


Hi Jack: My name is john hegle and I go by ringman, perhaps you have seen
some of my comments on Orchid. I am a 28 year professional and Know all
Phases of Jewelry manufacture. I have work in a shop with twenty
veitnamese and had managed them in prodution Jewelry, unfortunatly they
are no longer in business So referances are difficult… I have been my own
boss and have overseen 6 pro bench Jewelers at a time… I am 45 years
old and am seeking a new location, California sounds good. Give me a reply
if you are interested and I will send the rest of my resume. About ythree
years of professinal bench, 2 of management, and I have been on my own the
rest of the time. was able to support my family so I did not do to bad…
artritis in my thumb and carple problems drive me to management or
teaching. I hope you will consider me… Thank you …John
Henry…Ringman… God Bless