[Job Offer][MA] Metal Caster

Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Inc. is a world renowned manufacturer of
precious metal flutes. We continue to expand our operations and are
now looking for an experienced and talented Metal Caster for our
in-house casting operation.

The caster will be responsible for entire casting process: create
rubber molds from patterns; shoot, sprue, and tree waxes; invest
waxes in flasks; cast; clean investment from castings. Keep casting
room and equipment clean and organized. Maintain molds and patterns
by product line. Equipment used includes vulcanizer, vacuum wax
injector, vacuum casting machine, and burnout furnace. Extensive
experience with lost wax casting technique using precious metals is
essential. Attention to detail and ability to attain consistently
fine quality casting results is necessary. Experience with pattern
making is a plus. Ideal candidate must be responsible and able to
work independently.

To apply, please fax resume to 978 461 6155 or email

For further call Maria Stefanova, HR Director, at 978
461 6111 ext. 3109.