[Job offer] Jeweler & Matrix designer

Hello all,

I am looking for an employee who is a jeweler and knows or would
like to learn Matrix. We are a family run business in Ventura,
California (by the beach, 1 hour north of L.A.), and have had
incredible growth over the last years. My husband is a jeweler/G.G.,
and we do a lot of custom work. Our workshop is on-premises at our
store, equipped with a laser welder, matrix and mill, and full
casting facilities. We offer an great opportunity to grow with us as
we expand.

I am not looking for a tradeshop. I have plenty of tradeshop offeres

Are you interested or do you know of anyone?

Debbie Fox
Fox Fine Jewelry

    Are you interested or do you know of anyone? 


I saw your posting on GIANet. I suspect that you operate in a pretty
expensive neighborhood. The skillset that you are looking for might
require quite a bit more money/bennies.

Bruce D. Holmgrain
JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler / CAD/CAM Solutions