[Job Offer] Instructor, Nunavut Arctic College

Instructor Jewellery and Metalwork

Nunavut Arctic College, Nunatta Campus
Iqaluit, NU

10 Month TERM

Under the direction of the Senior Instructor, Fine Arts and Crafts
Programs, the incumbent develops and delivers classroom and studio
instruction in the 2 year Diploma Program of Jewellery and
Metalwork. It requires an individual who holds a Bachelor of Fine
Arts from a recognized institution, has sound jewellery and
metalworking skills, an extensive portfolio and exhibition record, 3
years minimum professional experience working as an artist, at least
one year teaching experience at a post secondary institution, and the
ability to problem solve and work independently. The Jewellery and
Metalwork Program is well established and the curriculum is set with
the projects being clearly outlined.

Applicants must submit a portfolio demonstrating a professional
caliber of work in a wide range of techniques through a minimum of 20
slides or digital images.

Annual salary ranges from $69, 557 to $78, 897, depending on
experience. An annual northern allowance of $12, 109 is also

Closing date: June 10, 2005
Competition #: 041-061005-JMI

Submit Applications to:
Human Resources Administrator
Nunavut Arctic College,
PO Box 600
Iqaluit, NU
Tel: 867-979-7221Fax: 867-979-7108
E-mail: smulley@nac.nu.ca

Charles Lewton-Brain
President, Canadian Crafts Federation
Program Head, Jewellery/Metals, Alberta College of Art and Design

Instructor Jewellery and Metalwork
Nunavut Arctic College, Nunatta Campus
Iqaluit, NU 

Wow - anyone who is interested and wondering about Canada’s far
North - it’s amazing. What a fantastic opportunity. I was lucky
enough to spend some time there and would go for this if I were more
qualified! (You’ll need/want every penny of the “northern allowance”

  • the Arctic winters are like nothing you’ve imagined, at least for
    this desert girl.)

I lived in Winnipeg for a year, bitterly cold in the cool season,
-50F but there is no moisture to have you “feel” the cold wind.
little snow!..but the its almost refreshing to experience the winter.
If I was accepted I’d go there and teach anytime…anyone

My cousin is one of three regional Geologists in Nunavut.=A0He loves
it up there, and takes jewellery courses at the college.=A0He just
sent me a fantastic Spinel specimen, lots of raw gems up there if
you have any interest in Lapidary.=A0With all the burgeoning mineral
exploration, there is going to be quite a cottage industry in stone
cutting and metal arts in the next little while.=A0I highly reccommend
checking it out.=A0But it is MAD cold up there.=A0It doesn’t take long
to get used to, but the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies is
very slight.

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