[Job Offer] High school jewelry teaching position

A fulltime high school jewelry teaching position will be available
in the Fall of 2008 in Santa Barbara California. The announcement
comes unofficially and early to allow time for the necessary
acquisition of a Secondary California Teaching Credential in Art.
This credential is normally gotten during the fifth year of college.
For out-of-state credentials some course work may be required to meet
California standards. In some cases emergency credentials may be
granted, during which time, the employee would pursue the credential
while teaching. UCSB is a fulltime program but Cal State Northridge
is not. Other ways to get the credential would need to be researched.
The lab is well equipped, and there is a strong student following.
The program has been in place for over 30 years. There are enough
slides and lessons to accommodate 2-3 years of work for students who
may repeat the class. The focus has been on fundamental techniques,
like fabrication, stone setting, stone cutting, wire and bead work,
knotting, casting, and enameling. The students come from a wide mix
of backgrounds. They are bright and energetic. The classes are full
five periods a day. Santa Barbara is small and beautiful, nestled
between the ocean and mountains. Though real estate can be
intimidating many high school teachers, through a variety of means,
make Santa Barbara their home. For more contact Jennifer
at 805 886 8465