[Job Offer] Goldsmith & Gallery manager

Fellow Orchidites (or is it Orchidians?),

I have two positions available in my Gallery/Studio. One is for a

goldsmith, who is familiar with fabrication in 18k and platinum.
Attention to detail is a must, as is a developed sense of design. I
am looking for someone who can run the shop, and assist clients in
developing custom designs. We do get some repair work, but it is
mostly the higher end stuff. We are offering an excellent salary, and
a fully equipped studio facility to work in, including a laser
welder, hydraulic press, lathes, etc. You will also have space in the
gallery to display your own work, and will be encouraged and
supported to develop a clientele for your designs. The studio will be
available, after hours.

I am also looking for a gallery manager. You must be experienced in

working with designer/art jewelry and custom designing. We do not
carry any “manufactured” lines. A knowledge of gemstones and diamonds
would be helpful. Experience in management of a gallery is most

It is possible that both positions can be filled by the same

person. Right now, that person is ME. I have a great sales staff, and
a dedicated studio assistant. I also have more work than I can
handle, and I am forced to turn a lot away. The gallery is located in
Frederick, MD…45 minutes from Baltimore and Washington. This area
is growing rapidly, but is still affordable, especially if you like
living in a country setting. If you are interested, and can start
within the next 30 days, please contact me off list.

Douglas Zaruba