[Job Offer] FIT - Technologist C, Jewelry Design

Technologist C, Jewelry Design

Required Qualifications:

Bachelor=92s degree or completion of four years in an accredited post
secondary institution of learning and two years of related
experience; or Associate=92s degree or completion of two years in an
accredited post secondary institution and four years of related
experience; or high-school graduate and six years of related
experience. Must have FDNY license for gas and welding, and chemical
handling. Working knowledge and experience using and repairing the
tools/equipment of the jewelry industry and supply sourcing. Must be
proficient in the use of personal computers; knowledge of BiTech
preferred. Ability to communicate instructions, methods and
techniques. Ability to learn, adapt and keep current with evolving
industry specific techniques and equipment. Experience with
instructional labs preferred. Must possess and demonstrate quality
customer service skills.

Purpose of Job:

Responsible for the operation, maintenance, and repairs of complex
equipment, including: micro-processes controlled temperature
controllers, wax injectors, casting machines, steam machines,
grinders, hydraulic presses, etc. Set-up and demonstrate equipment
as required. Insure safety habits are adhered to in respect to the
above machinery, i.e., hair up, no hanging jewelry, safety glasses,
proper positioning of work, etc=85also, storage, acquire and maintain
MSDS for waxes, investment, pickle, and all jewelry chemicals.
Instruct faculty, staff, students and monitors in the safe and
proper operation of departmental equipment. Guide students through
the technical equipment/material during class/lab use. Respond to
questions during class/lab sessions. Assign and train monitors in
duties such as the shut down of the labs, i.e. shut down gas, oxygen
tanks, electricity, lock up flex shafts, vacuum polish machine
filters, and make responsible decision of which monitors will be
authorized to acquire and maintain a =93Certificate of Fitness=94 from
FDNY in torch supervision and air compressor operation. Insure
adequate supply of day-to-day perishables. Assist chairperson with
special projects or events as required. Assist chairperson with
purchasing of equipment, tools and supplies.

This is a general description and is not to be construed as

To Apply:

Qualified candidates who are interested in this position should
submit a cover letter, resume and the names and contact information
for three references to: Human Resources, 236 West 27th Street, 11th
floor, New York City 100015992. Fax: 212-217-5616.