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[Job Offer] Designer

Eco Conscious Jewelry Studio seeks Designer

Are you passionate about the earth? Would you like to make a
difference? Are you tired of giving your all to companies that just
don’t care about what’s in your soul? Do you enjoy creating and
craftsmanship? Do you enjoy learning about people and being a part of
their lives? Would you like to work in an environment that is
conscious, sustainable and toxin free? Would you like to work with
people who care about you?

If you answered yes to these questions and enjoy designing jewelry,
please consider the Abbey Jewelry Studio as a venue to explore and
make a difference in your life, the people you will work with and the
world around you while making a living.

A little about the Abbey. The heart of the Abbey is Conscious,
Sustainable, Toxin Free jewelry made with Love. We design, create and
restore jewelry with Love, Integrity and Passion. Most people have no
idea that creating jewelry hurts many lives, creates massive amounts
of waste, much of it toxic, and actually contains toxic materials
that can cause cancer as well as a myriad of health problems. As the
founder, my goal is to spread awareness to the world of the true cost
of jewelry, as well as showing that jewelry is possible to create
that does good, is sustainable, and won’t poison the people who wear
it. We as the studio specialize in hand fabrication and craftsmanship
of precious metals using the latest technology combined with
traditional and experimental techniques. We design using stories and
meaning, literally helping people to capture their souls in metal and
stone. This studio is truly a place of creation and imagination. The
studio has been filled with the best of our energy; Love, Compassion
and integrity guides our consciousness and every decision we make.The
studio itself is a calm, warm and open atmosphere filled with plants,
recycled furniture, open space, color, exposed wood and metal,
friends. We begin every day with a hug and end the same. Every person
is here because our passion drives us, and we can’t help but do what
we do.

What we are looking for in a designer:

  1. An open heart and mind: you will be experiencing in depth
    conversations into the hearts of peoples relationships and lives. An
    open mind will be integral to learning about people and helping them
    transfer their thoughts and feelings into jewelry.

  2. Communication skills: you will be engaging with many people, and
    must be able to listen as well as articulate your thoughts and
    feelings. You will also be working with jewelers to create the
    designs, and will need to help them understand the nuances of the
    design. You will also be staying in communication and sharing the
    aspects of the creation process with the people you design for, and
    if you’re interested with the world through the website, blog, and
    the organizations we are a part of and joining (Ethical Goldsmiths,
    Earthworks, Hands for Africa)

  3. Conscious: we are very conscious about the affects of our actions
    on the Earth, Society and the Health of all that is around us. We are
    looking for someone who feels the same way who can help us to grow in
    these areas.

  4. Organized: staying on top of new orders and making sure they are
    organized and worked on in the right priority is a must. It is very
    easy to let orders and responsibilities fall through the cracks with
    so much going on at any time in the studio. We are also looking for a
    manager for the studio, so if your feet are too big for just the
    designers shoes we can explore getting you bigger shoes.

  5. Ethical: We deal with a great deal of valuable materials in our
    every day work. Not just the monetary value, the emotional value
    these pieces have as they are connected to the stories and souls of
    the people who care for them. Any deceit or false heart will greatly
    bring into question your ability to be a part of this family, now or
    any time in the future.

We created a long list of what we are looking for in a person, and I
figured it would be good for you to see what we as a whole are
looking for. Don’t worry, you don’t have to hit every nail on the
head, we understand that every person is unique and has their own
unique qualities to share. Here is the list of the qualities we value
for a new addition to the family from all of us here at the studio:
Ethical, warm, honest, humble, caring, decisive, understanding,
passionate, knowledgeable, open-minded, people person, able to
communicate, artistic, sincere, friendly, positive, organized,
principled, charismatic, creative, spontaneous, sociable, committed,
confident, organized, compassionate, a good listener, evolving,
adaptable, filled with Love.


In a small studio, we all watch out for each other. Some of the
personal responsibilities you will have as a designer are:

  • Welcoming people to the studio and working on a one on basis to
    create designs - Communicating the process to the people who
    commission the work (businesses would call them customers, they’re
    different here. I have yet to find the appropriate word) - Documenting
    the design process - Entering the orders into the computer -
    Restoration/repair take in - Keeping the design area clean and
    organized - Calculating pricing for creating the designs -
    Communicating the design to the jewelers - Quality control and making
    sure the design is finished to the original concept


  • Erik and Dallae, two amazing accomplished jewelers with a
    prodigious amount of experience and heart (Dallae is a GIA certified
    bench jeweler, master silversmith, used to teach the metals program
    at CSULB, and is published including 500 necklaces, Erik has over 14
    years of experience and is a master gold and platinum smith) -
    Matrix 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) system - Over 3,000 wax molds
    of parts and models - GIA microscope - Encouraged thinking/creative
    time - We are working on building a collection of samples to show
    people including colors, textures and finishes of various metals - A
    calming, high ceiling, open, filled with plants and good energy
    design center - We design and build everything in house, so you get
    to see your designs being made from start to finish! - Love and I’s
    shared knowledge and passion - Fully stocked and tooled eco
    conscious fabrication studio

We all need to make money to do what we do and exist in this world.
I would like to understand what you can contribute and what monetary
compensation needs you have and would like to achieve. I am flexible
and want you to achieve your financial needs and goals. Salary,
salary plus commission, commission only, hourly, any combination or
possibly even something completely different, just let me know!

Please e-mail about yourself, your experience, why this position
intrigues you and what Love and consciousness mean to you. If you are
interested in being a manager, please include that as well and why.

For a creative and expressive person, there is so much possibility
here for you! I am looking forward to meeting you, sharing life,
creation, challenges, passion, joy, and whatever else comes our way!

abbeyjewelrystudio at gmail dot com

It is helpful to mention location when posting jobs.


Folks!! I love you and Mother Earth and hugs, too, but: Somewhere in
the first paragraph, you should say WHERE this job is.

Unless it is a design-by-telecommute job. Then it should say so in
the first LINE. :slight_smile:


A quick google search tells you they are in Placentia, CA



Perhaps a link to your site could be provided. I “googled” the email
and cam up with just a blog.

Keith Hible