[Job Offer] [Denver] Stone dealer assistent


I am posting for a good friend who would like to hire an employee at
his wholesale stone supply business in Denver, Colorado. He imports
and sells both diamonds and colored ranging from high
quality down to “replacement” stones.

He is looking for someone full time or part time to help out either:
in the office doing counter/phone sales and clerical work, or someone
to go on the road for him around the Colorado and near-Wyoming area
visiting established clientele. The applicant does not need to be a
GIA graduate; but, along with good people skills and a general
knowledge of gemstone types, experience with stone handling and some
grading skills would be a big plus.

If you are interested in working with a congenial, family owned
gemstone dealer who covers a wide area, please contact him directly
between 9:30 AM and 5:30PM Monday through Friday.

His name is Pramod Agarwal (pronounced “prah’-mode”)

His business is:

Diamonds and Colored stones, Inc.
Suite 2570
451 East 58th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80216-8216

Thank you in advance from both Pramod and myself.

Paul D. Reilly
The Paul Reilly Company
Colorado Springs, CO