[Job Offer] Cranbrook Academy of Art

I just received the following from Gerhardt Knodel, Director of the
Cranbrook Academy of Art, and thought that someone in Orchidland
might know a highly qualified person for this job.

Joel Schwalb


As this new year unfolds, I am faced with an important
circumstance that I would like to bring to your attention. Gary
Griffin, Artist-in-Residence/Metalsmithing, at Cranbrook
Academy of Art, will be leaving the Academy at the end of this
academic year. We are very enthusiastic about the new
opportunities afforded him by his move to New Mexico after 22
creative and productive years at Cranbrook, and we wish him
well as he anticipates the next phase of his career.

Now, I am commencing an international search for his successor
and would greatly appreciate your thoughtful consideration of
potential candidates. The position is a wonderful opportunity
for the right person to become involved in the special
resources of the Academy-a strong individual who wishes to
build a dynamic program, individually! The past leaders of our
program greatly benefited from generating their own ideas and
methods in our unusual setting. Now it is time to pass on the
torch to another talented leader. Can you assist?

At your earliest convenience, please consider the position
and/or forward this to those you feel might be
interested, or who can provide names of possible candidates for
me to contact. Attached is a position description that may be
forwarded as is appropriate. Please contact me by e-mail
(gknodel@cranbrook.edu) or phone (248-645-3301) with questions
or ideas.

I am committed to discovering the next leader, who will
benefit personally and professionally from this opportunity,
and who will contribute new chapters of success in the
evolution of our program in Metalsmithing. I hope to hear from


Gerhardt Knodel

Announcement: Artist-in-Residence/Metalsmithing

A unique position exists for artist /educator in Metalsmithing
at Cranbrook Academy of Art - eminent graduate school of art,
design and architecture in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The
Metalsmithing Department was established 78 years ago as a
vital component in building Cranbrook’s world-renowned campus,
designed by architect, Eliel Saarinen. His emphasis on
training strong individuals in an environment of professional
practice inspired the formation of an Academy that continues
to welcome leaders who function as practitioners,
theoreticians and educators.

The Artist-in-Residence is provided with a private studio in
the Academy’s New Studios Building, housing on campus and
benefits in addition to salary. During the academic year,
September-May, the Artist-in-Residence mentors 15-17 graduate
students in a collegial environment including nine additional
departments: Ceramics, 2D Design, 3D Design, Architecture,
Fiber, Painting, Photography, Print Media and Sculpture. The
leaders of each department determine the vision and direction
of their department and are accountable for its success. Each
leader selects their students, guides the development of each
individual and nurtures a productive and interactive
environment. The degree program culminates in an exhibition
and written thesis or project report approved by the
department leader. Candidates must be unusually qualified to
provide open, independent learning, resulting in rigorous
production, critique and discussion, and inspire research,
radicality and non-dogmatic paradigms. It is anticipated that
the Artist-in-Residence will also advocate the program via
Internet, publication and national/international lectures as
an active component of recruiting future students.

Candidates are to be artists with a record of compelling
speculative work and college level teaching experience,
possess Masters degree or greater, administrative experience,
and excellent communication skills.

Position commences September 2006. Send curriculum vitae,
portfolio and contact for three references by
April 1, 2006 to Metalsmithing Search Committee, Cranbrook
Academy of Art, 39221 Woodward Avenue, Box 801, Bloomfield
Hills, MI 48303-0801. Visit us at our website at

Cranbrook is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes a
diverse work environment.