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[Job Offer] Cast

Im looking for someone to cast for me,It is not mass production, I
just need a few things done, rings,bracelets. for now.Iv been making
jewelry for 15 yrs,quit for awhile,(7yrs.) And now trying to get back
in the business.please let me know who and how much. Thank you.
BnH :slight_smile:

Hi, just reading my 600 messages that have accumulated while I’ve
been off having fun at a Lee Marshall workshop on the hydraulic press
and see that someone is looking for a caster.

I use Daniel Grandi at Racecar Jewelry for all of my casting, I’m a
small business doing retail craft shows and although he does many
large volume stuff, he always casts my small volume without whining.
My pieces come back perfectly done, in fact, I’ve never had to whine

His phone # is 401-461-7803, web site is

He is a longtime Orchid member so Dan, if you’re reading this, "the
check is in the mail.

Betty Belmonte

I totally agree with de de and Betty about Daniel Grandi if you need
a piece cast. He�s so patient and walks you through each step.
Being a fabricator, this was certainly helpful because I knew next to
nothing about the process! He cast one of my designs and I just
received them a few days ago. I�m very pleased. And yes, he�s
more than happy to do small quantities.

His email address:

Cleveland, Ohio