[Job Offer] Bench Jeweler

Hi folks we are still looking for a bench jeweler

Immediate Job Opening in Bellingham, Washington

Position: Bench Jeweler

We are a small manufacturer of hand fabricated wedding rings and
other jewelry. Examples of our work can be seen at
www.mokume-gane.com. Bellingham is located on Puget Sound in the
beautiful northwest. 90 miles north of Seattle and 45 miles south of
Vancouver B.C.

Candidate must be able to perform these tasks.

  1. Jewelry assembly and fabrication band type rings from sheet and
    wire stock. ring sizing, diamond setting, colored stone setting, and
    knowledge of fancy shape setting Skills: sawing, filing, soldering,
    setting, flex shaft work

  2. Finishing of rings acid etching, bead blasting, flex shaft and
    polishing machine operation .

Applicant will be trained in tabletop milling machine and lathe

Attention to detail is required in all tasks. Candidate must have a
professional demeanor, strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and
must be able to communicate well with management.

Salary is negotiable

We offer health benefits

If you are interested in applying send your resume to

James Binnion Metal Arts P.O. Box 31458 Bellingham, Wa 98228 or send
it to jobs@mokume-gane.com or Fax it to 360-756-6550

We are looking for a jeweler who is flexible and creative. If you
are skilled in working with precious metals and have a
fine eye for quality and custom design, and want an opportunity to
showcase your ability and handiwork, you will be the right person for

If you are ready to be a long term, important part of a respected,
quality focused organization, we’ve got the perfect situation for
you. Fax your resume to: 859-292-3371, then call Steve at

Hello to all, I am new to this forum and very excited to be able to
receive some of your input. For the past 6 months we have been in
search of a jeweler that we could employ at our repair shop. We have
placed several ads in local sites as well as at the GIA and Paris
school of jewelry, to no avail. In that time frame about 6
individuals responded to the job, out of those only 1 could possibly
do the job but in the end he decided to stay with his employer given
that he would have to relocate to come work for us.

Does anyone know of a place where I could either list my job of find
qualified jewelers? We are looking just for a person that can
actually work in jewelry. Nothing too incredible, just basic tasks
with knowled ge in most metals and attention to detail. Are we asking
for too much? Is it right for individuals to ask 20-30 dollars an
hour to not even be able to do a simple silver repair? Are we so
antiquated as to actually expect quality work from them?

Any comments are greatly appreciated.

Three areas:


Also, put a DISPLAY ad in the paper, you might steel someone who
isn’t looking for a job right now.

David Geller

David Geller
510 Sutters Point
Sandy Springs, GA. 30328
(404) 255-9565


Try Vic Davis. He does a great job putting jewelers together,



Telling this forum will probably get your need before more people
that your other attempts. That is not a slam of GIA or any other
trade school or organization. But as an example I have not seen this
until now. I am not looking for work because I am now retired but I
would like to address a couple of your points/ questions. “either
list my job of find qualified jewelers?” As you might have seen from
previous post the term Qualified Jewelers can seem to mean different
things to different people. I don’t believe that a standard has been
set for what a qualified jeweler is. You might need more definition
of skills required. “We are looking just for a person that can
actually work in jewelry. Nothing too incredible, just basic tasks
with knowledge in most metals and a= ttention to detail.” This sounds
reasonable enough but I’m not sure h= ow many people you will find
that can handle “most metals”. Gold and Silver are one thing, White
Gold and Platinum a different animal and if you are including
Titanium… well you get the picture. Each of these takes a similar
but also different skill set from Soldering to Laser Welding and
possibly plating skills. Do they need to be able to remove and or
set stones?

"Are we asking for too much? " Not at all if those are your ne= eds.
but realize you are looking for an experienced bench jeweler.
(Please everyone tell if I am off base OK? I don’t want to be giving
incorrect info here. Maybe misguided but no malice intended). “Is it
right for individuals to ask 20-30 dollars an hour to not even be
able to do a simple silver repair?” Yes it is right if it is what
they need to live.

But you certainly don’t have to pay it they cannot do the job.
However if you find the person it looks like you need I certainly
hope you are willing to pay that person more than 20-30 dollars an
hour. Have you hired a plumber lately? is you bench jeweler worth
less to you than a plumber? How much schooling and experience does it
require to get a plumbers job and how much training and experience
will the person need to have to fill your position? Comparable, more,
less? Again I do not wish to offend you I’m just try to give a little

"Are we so antiquated as to actually expect quality work from them? "
Not at all. If you want quality, expect quality. That is your need
and if the applicants can’t fill that need then you don’t owe them
anything except maybe, and only maybe, and explanation of what you
expect and why you don’t feel they will fill your needs. Just be
careful to not give then grounds for a law suit. And in your state
maybe the laws are such that you cannot give that kind of explanation
with a rejection of application.

The last thing I might add is that if you don’t find what it sounds
like you are looking for. Could you maybe bring on someone that has
had basic, underline basic, bench skills and train them up too the
level you need? This could be a win win situation. For you a lower
employee overhead, and a chance to develop the skills you desire the
person to have. If want to keep them then you will have to increase
their pay as their skills go up. For the lucky applicant, they get
the opportunity to gain the valuable training, and experience so
needed to get and keep a good position. Now retention of this
individual will require fair and honest wages commensurate with their
ability and the standard wages in your area. Also a good clean and
encouraging work environment. That does not mean just the brick and
mortar it includes how you each handle your communications etc.

Didn’t mean to give a sermon or lecture but I hope I’ve said
something that will help. Remember you as a boss/manager/owner
whatever must also represent and act in accordance with the way you
want your employees to act. Set the example, meet their needs and
they will meet yours. It’s called Effective Leadership.

Good luck and hope you can either find that perfect person and if
you can’t then think about training one.

John (Jack) Sexton

Hello to all,

I posted “Where to find a good jeweler” friday and had magnificent
answers. Thank you for pointing out the lack of address in my prior
post. The position is open inmediatelly.

We are looking for a Jeweler with various skills. Laser and torch
soldering, stone setting and antique repair. One that can work with
most metals and is willing to learn our techniques. A master jeweler
is preffered but we are looking for potential more than anything. Our
work consists of repairs and light manufacturing as well as design.
We do work for the trade and antique shops and our main concers are
quality of work and honesty.

Compesation is according to experience. By hour or by piece. We
offer medical benefits and our office hours are M-F 9-6 Saturdays
only during the holyday season.

Students are welcome to apply, we are always in need of new ideas
and help. The shop is located at the addres below,

eklektic jewelry studio
1824 Fairview
Houston, TX 77006
p. 713.382.6949
p. 713.529.0010
f. 713.784.1581
www. eklekticjewelrystudio.com

Once again thank you.

Hello to all,

I am an available Jeweler living in the NW. If you have read Marco
posts, you know that he is near downtown Houston TX. I am trying to
answer his need for a qualified jeweler but we ran into the problem
of housing and transportation. These two things could impinge any
profitability in this idea. If you live in Houston and think you
would be willing to take a roommate or renter for two weeks to a
couple of months please e-mail me for more info. I would be willing
to help you in your craft (or home jewelering?) while I’m there.

Jay G. Ritchie
D&D Computers & Jewelry
205 N. 1st St.
Yelm WA, 98597
(360) 458-2993