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[Job Offer] [Atlantic City N.J.] Promising apprentice

Howdy all,

The company I work for, Bernie Robbins Jewelers in Somer’s Point, NJ
is looking to hire a promising apprentice or person with solid skills
and a couple years under their belt.

They will or I’ll go berserk.

I’m the sole goldsmith in what should be a 2-3 man shop. We bill
ourselves as the area’s leading luxury jeweler and after watching the
place grow for the last 13 years, I think they’re quite right in the
claim. Somer’s Point is the flagship store of a family owned group of
6 stores in the Delaware Valley, carrying top name lines and going
(sheesh) way over the top in service and amenities.

The shop itself is pretty pleasant and well equipped. We handle
custom work, restoration, and repairs. The run of general repairs
tends to be quality stuff thank goodness, so we don’t tend to get the
headaches of fixing up wonked out promo merchandise. It’s a decent
company and a pleasant enviroment (or I wouldn’t be on the lifer
plan). We had a smith leave this past April to start a family and so
they took my assistant and set her up in the Bucks County store on
her own. She came to me as an apprentice a little more than a year
before and with my teaching, some off site training (and let’s be
real, a wicked talent!) she was ready to go it alone. We’ll be having
a laser welder delivered next wednesday, so any takers will be
trained in that as well.

What I’m hoping for is someone with pretty solid basics, good
imagination and an ability to think around the corners. It’s not for
me to put in anything about compensation here, but my own is good and
the benefits package is more than generous.

If anyone has an interest, please email me, we’ll talk. Meantime,
I’ll try to keep it going, it’s like christmas all summer long here.

Jane Armstrong
Design Specialist/Goldsmith
Bernie Robbins Jewelers

hi yall: man your ringing my bell… might make it worth moving from
Seattle… I am skilled in all forms …have gravermeister…cast
{vacuum qand centrifugal…chemical experiance…and solid repair and
fabrication skills…i also cut rock… worked for sunderlund mfg in
bellevue washington…fiori d’oro…mass production …and
marlows…doing hawwian heirloom jewelry and customs…i have made
ove 4000 custom one of a kind pieces… dangle a worm and let me know…ringman…John Henry

Dear Jane Armstrong Let Me introduce Myself… My name is Toni Acoca
I’m a young (26) italian goldsmith , my skills are intermediate level
in more or less all the branches of goldsmithing , I have a jewelry
designer diploma ( I followed a 1 year regular course in Florence
italy) and are more or less 4 years that I study and work in my own
small yet well equipped workshop . I know my answer will find quickly
its way to the trashcan but anyway I tried :slight_smile: Best Regards

Toni Acoca