[Job] looking for a Bench Jeweler

Hi Everyone,

Pentimento Fine Jewelers is looking for a Bench Jeweler.

What type of work is Pentimento involved in?
Pentimento builds 75-80% of what it sells to high end clients in the
Detroit area.

What are we looking for?
You will need to have a solid knowledge of special order jewelry making:
construction, antique repair, setting, platinum work, model making, and
wax work. In other words a well rounded jeweler.

Where is Pentimento?
We are located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan which is a northern
suburb of Detroit. The closest two main streets are Maple Rd (A.K.A.
15 mile rd.) and Telegraph.

How to apply?
It’s best to send a resume to us at.

4076 W. Maple Rd.
Bloomfield Hills, Mi. 48301

Or call and tell us a little about yourself at (248)644-2545

Jim alpine @hay.net