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Job hunting

The Gemological Institute of America has a ‘Job Placement

GIA asks that you furnish a few specific items of information
before putting you in contact with prospective employers. For
example, we need a form to be filled out and a copy of your most
current resume to be on file with the Institute. The reason for
this is to help track our success in job placement which is
part of our accreditation as a school.

For more on job placement services, send a message to
Richard Nehls at or call 800-421-7250 x7301 or
760-603-4000 x7301

I am looking for a job in the gem and/or gem-jewelry trade in
the north Dallas, Texas area. I have a recent GIA certificate for
the Diamonds course and am taking the GIA Diamond Grading course
right now. I want to get a G.G. I have bought colored stones and
diamonds for my hobby. Any leads would be appreciated. – Russell
Scott Carpenter @Scott_Carpenter

Time to get out on the street and knock on some doors. Sell
yourself. You would be surprised at how many stores may want a
GIA trained gemologist. Best of luck ,Rob Ringold