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Job as good as grad-school and pay too

Well I posted a job for a journeyman goldsmith twice now and
only two responses. Unfortunately South Africa and Cyprus are a
bit far away.20 With all the interest in our craft I find it
difficult to believe I can’t find someone who is interested in
working in a workshop that does 90% hand fabricated original
jewelry, does not take in repairs and does mokume, reticulation,
in short all the stuff people spend 25k a year in college
metalsmith programs to learn.

Ok lets try one more time, I need a recent college grad in
jewelry or someone with at least two years bench experience. You
got to be able to sit down and make a piece from scratch working
from a sketch. We will train the right person but, the basic
skills have got to be down pat.

You get paid, get benefits and get to live in one of the most
beautiful places on earth, the Berkshires, home of Tanglewood,
great trees, etc.

Take a look at our website: and you will see
what we are doing. Find out about our area by checking out: 20 Send me a resume if you are interested by email, fax
or snail mail. 20 Richard W. Wise

P.S Will even take a highly skilled person for the summer. You
could live in the Berkshires this summer and get paid.20

Hi Richard, could you post your snail-mail address with these
announcements? The professor I studied with would like to post
these for his graduating students and post grads who still come
around but he is low-tech and the school doesn’t provide a
computer for the program let alone E-mail.

Karen, the school and I are in Northern Illinois



I visited the sites you mentioned in your post to Orchid, the
location seems very attractive, the jewellery does as well.

I did not respond to your eariler postings because I’m a
Canadian. I expected that someone from the U.S. would be a more
likely candidate. No concerns over work permits, green cards
etc., etc…

If this is not a problem …we should discuss it further.

I graduated from George Brown College in Toronto some years ago.
I have solid, well developed skills in fabrication and casting,
as well as experience in setting . I have never specialized in
one area as the demands of the work tended to be extremely varied
. I would kill for the chance to do no repairs and concentrate
on fabrication! Like you I am surprised you didn’t get more

I originally got involved in goldsmithing because of my interest
in stones, the gemmology course was full, so an enterprising
instructor talked me into a casting course…I was hooked for
life! The chance to work with interesting stones became an added
bonus. Your strong involvement in the field makes this
opportunity even more appealing!

I would like to discuss the possibility of working with you in
in more detail. If the above concerns are not an issue, I would
be more than willing to drive down and meet with you in person.

If you would like more detailed about me please
e-mail and I will send a more complete cv.


Doug Canivet

Douglas W. Canivet
P. O Box 390
Lindsay, Ontario
K9V 4S3