Jewlery trademarks

I looked in a 1950s book and it didn’'t have my antique pieces
trademark. So I am assuming it went out of business. How can I
get the years it was in business? THe trademark on this silver
piece is STER[THEDA]LING the [ ] is actually a rectangle around
THEDA. Any help would be appreciated.

Raechel Reiter @Raechel_Reiter

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I’ve seen older trademark registries at antique shows. You
might try calling some antique dealers for leads.

Dick Caverly

I work for a local Art Association which houses a 4,000+ art
library. I recall seeing a couple of trademark books on silver.
I will look next week and see if I can find some info for you.

GIA 800-421-7250

“JCK” 12th Edition
Brand Name and Trademark Guide 1994
ISSN 1072-7418
ISBN 0-931744-16-4
by Cliton Co. Published in Radnor, PA by: Jewelers’ Circular-Keystone

also, “Old Jewelry” answers to questions
by: Jeanenne Bell, GG

Identification & Value Guide 4th Edition
ISBN 0-89689-115-1

(I do not have an interest in either of these publications, by have
found them a great source of

You might try: too.

If there is something I can research for you email me privately and I’ll
try to help.