I just thought I’d mention three shows of possible interest this week on A&E
this week…

Monday - 01
8:00/5:00 Biography: The Tiffanys: The Mark of Excellence. The life
story of Charles Tiffany, who built the famed New York store known for
its exquisite jewelry and silver goods. Includes Charles’ decision to
purchase European diamonds at rock-bottom prices in 1848, an action that
made him the “King of Diamonds”. [TV G]

Wednesday - 03
8:00/5:00 Biography: Cartier: Jewelers to the Kings. The story of a
modest family with a dream that took them to the four corners of the
earth and made them–in only one generation–a jewelry empire. Features
interviews with Elton John and Ralph Destino, chairman of Cartier, Inc.
[TV G]

Thursday - 04
8:00/5:00 Biography: Faberge: Imperial Jeweler. Story of Russia’s Peter
Carl Faberge, who created the fabled jeweled eggs that are worth
millions today. Traces his life from the time he worked for the czars to
his escape to Switzerland after the Russian Revolution. [TV G]