I am currently in the process of trying to get Jewelsoft up and running,
and caught your comment. What problems did you have with the system?
Certainly is not “user friendly” so far. Thank you, Mike

Hi Mike,
I have been using jewelsoft for two years with no problems. I think it is
fairly easy to use, once you get all the Xrefs figured out. As with any
computer software it takes time to become familiar with the process.

Janine in Redding
where the sun is finally here.

I’m a newbie, so please excuse any errors. Can’t resist commenting
about Jewelsoft.
I got it on a “trial basis”, viewed the video tape and concluded it was
not for me. Called and told him so and sent the software back unopened.
Kept calling and even saw him in person at Las Vegas jewelry show.
Finally contacted credit card co. and they took care of it. (Even hit him
with a penalty!) Using JEWELER by Ibis. Not totally happy with it, but
fail to find anything any better at a reasonable price for a small
operator. Jim Berger, Vista, CA

What is product support like with jewelsoft. Can you get help over the
phone and can they solve the problems.

I have lots of loose stones how does it work with parcels?


about Jewelsoft, Unfortunatly I sent a check. I called within one
week and had to eventually use a false name to get them to call me
back, I explained that the program would not work for me and that I
would like a refund. I called the bank and the check had already been sent
through. I sent the program back and have not been able to get them to
refund any thing!
Tammie in Fort worth Texas

Hello Jim,

Is that Ibis program available as shareware? I’ve used a few different
systems and I’ve never been 100% about any of them and I’m always
interested in other packages.


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There are many problems that we have had with the program. Such as
looking up a sale that was posted and not being able to find it.

You also must be very specific with doing a search request. No spaces or
anything different from the way it was originally put in.

The program also does not like names such as Mc Murray or any last name
that has a space in the last name field. This tends to create problems and
the program will set up more than one record for a single person.

Layaway payments are a problem as well as more than one type of
payment. Such as if someone where to pay you with a check, and two
seperate visa cards. Can’t do it.

After two years of using this program and getting excuses from Neil
that it was everything from my hardware was a problem to the fact that we
run this on a Novell network, I am truly happy that we know have Jewlry

Yes it’s more money but well worht it.


Kerry: Ibis program is not available as shareware. Purchase is about
$2000 and annual maintenance fee of $250 Jim Berger

Dear Tammy,
In dealing with other companies that have tried to rip me off I have
found it effective to gather together two or three friends who will all
call the company each 30 seconds or so. When the company answers simply
hang up and hit redial. After you have jammed their incoming calls for a
period of time tell them who you are and what you want. If Jewelsoft has
an 800 number you are set, if not if might cost a few dollars. It seems
like Jewelsoft needs a visit from their local authorities anyway as many
horror stories seem to have their name affiliated with them. Good luck -
Bill Reidsema


Sorry to get into this but does anyone know exactly what Jewelsoft
includes? Does it differ for a standard inventory/point of sale system?
Please answer these questions off the list if possible.

Thank you for your help.


Try sending one more letter listing every time you have contacted them
previously as accuratly as possible e.g.:

phoned 03 Jan 1998 spoke to Pam was told had to be authorized by
supervisor who is in meeting.

the company would probably ignore this except for some notations you add
at the bottom;

cc: Atorney general, State , capital city

Capital city chronicle

Get name of biggest newspaper in thier town from library and send copy att
consumer affairs editor. Library may be able to give you current name and
address for AG if not just address to state of__ should get there sometime


Make one genetic letter that covers all discrepancy, and everyone involved
sign, and sent to Attorney General of the State that Jewelsoft in located
in. Also, send to District Attorneys Office.

Dancing Horse

I agree. And don’t forget the Better Business Bureau. There seems to be
so many dissastisfied customers… If you all got together I am sure it
would be impressive. Just my $.02. Good luck! Vera