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Jewelsoft out of business

A while back there was a thread on jewelry programs. Numerous
people mentioned that they used Jewelsoft and were happy with it. I
have been using the program since 1998. I was just wondering what
all of you are going to do now that Neil is going out of business.
I’m not real thrilled about spending $1600 to convert to the Ibis
Co. he recommends. I couldn’t even find their company on the web
when I did a search on Google. I guess I’m going to have to go back
and read about the other programs people talked about. I didn’t pay
much attention at the time because I wasn’t thinking about a new
program. I just got a new computer and it doesn’t like Jewelsoft
or I wouldn’t bother with even thinking about it now. But after
paying for this computer a $2,000 jewelry program is not in my
budget. What are you other Jewelsoft people going to do?

God Bless you