Jewelry tools

Greetings all,

I am a watchmaker in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A post to the Orchid list
a while back brought a good response. I have had the time to
sort through the truckload of tools and equipment I "inherited"
recently. With the help of members of the Orchid list, I have
been able to identify and get a rough idea of what the stuff is
worth. I have:

Three “ovens” , “kilns” or “burnout ovens” (I think I’ve been
inside one of those before!)smile $200 each. I also have some
controller that I was told went with one of the ovens.

Two Gesswein tumblers with three barrels. One of the bases is
great, the other is well used. $200 for all.

Electric soldering machine/spot welder. Carbon tip, adjustable.

Wax pen. Gets hot, squirts wax out the end when you pull the
trigger. $40

Two New Hermes engraving machines, excellent condition, with
accessories, table top type for metal each with one font, $550

Assorted tools for measuring the finger and the inside of a
ring. One looks like a long taper with a handle and the other
looks like lots of rings on a big key ring. Some are hollow ring
sticks, wooden with metal cover. All this stuff is old. $10 for
a ring stick and finger sizer.

Assorted torch parts, and some square “bowls” I was told are for
melting stuff in. One is like slate and one is like marble. One
charcoal soldering block, and just some misc. stuff like solder
pic(?) for carrying a blob of solder, some tweezers, pliers,
etc… This lot of stuff will be like a grab bag of everything in
the jewelry tool pile that I won’t be needing, since I am not a
jeweler. $50

Everything is as is and where is. Some of it is HEAVY so
consider shipping costs. Offers and trades for
watches/watchmaking tools always welcome. For more info or
digital pics, email me at @Jon_W_Horton or call Jon W.
Horton, Certified Master Watchmaker at 1-918-592-0870 in the

Best regards, Jon W. Horton Certified Master Watchmaker American
Watchmakers Institute