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Jewelry theft in Texas

I’m posting this for a friend of mine from Jewel Collect for those
of you in the TX area.

This past weekend, my friend and client was burglarized in her
Dallas home. She has collected for several decades and the thiefs
stole significant amounts of her silver and personal jewelry. She is
still compiling a list which I can forward later, but I think it’s
best to send out the alert now in case anything shows up. The silver
flatware is all Gorham grand baroque. Dozens of sterling candy
dishes, vases, bowls by Kerr and Mauser were also stolen.
Costume/couture jewelry by Isabel Canovas as well as large elephant
ivory pieces by Patricia Von Musulin are also missing.

I know it’s a slim chance in recovery, but it is a rather esoteric
collection that would be rather noticeable if offered at any antique
show or shop.

If you have any to relay, please let me know at
thelushlife at mindspring dot com and I will forward on to my friend.

Thank you for your time