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Jewelry tags

Dear members,

I have diligently searched the archives to no avail for a mention of
sources for sterling and karat gold “name” tags- the small oval tags
one might attach to a necklace or bracelet to “identify” the maker (I
dont mean a makers mark-these come stamped and ready to go just attach
with jump ring)

The problem is , I have no idea what they are called formally. I know
they exist, and hope one of you kind souls might have a minute to
spare to share some info. Hope I am not repeating an already oft
asked question. I have searched the web, Thomas register and threads
galore… thanks in advance for any assist.


Rio Grange has them in 14k and sterling, in various shapes. Their
number is 1-800-545-6566. Or . As
usual, I am not affiliated, just a satisfied customer.

Hi MW; In the trade, we always referred to these as “squash beads”. I
think I remember recently seeing them in Rio Grandes catalog, which is
the first time I’ve seen them available. I’m not sure what they’ll be
calling them though.

David L. Huffman

We can make a model using our cnc system and then cast the tags that
you can’t find. we can engrave your logo on one side and the quality
mark If this is what you are looking for. Please email us or call us
at the following : We do casting, finishing, model making, cnc, for
people in the trade. Daniel Grandi Racecar Jewelry Co. Inc. 52 Glen Rd.
Cranston, RI. 02920 tel: 401-461-7803 email:

Tercat tool & Die Co, Inc. make tags for the jewelry industry in
silver and gold. They are located in Providence Rhode Island. Phone
number is (401) 421 3371.

I have an old brochure from them so I hope the phone number is still

Diane Sadel

Dear Meike: Rings & Things just listed these in their latest flier, as
"Sterling rectangle with loop", use listed as, “stamp with your logo,
and attach to your jewelry”, or order stamped for die charges, etc.
Item # 49-795. Phone # 1-800-366-2156, web

Interested in knowing if there are other options out there, as


David H. Fell and Company does photo-etching. It might be a little
bit of money to have the original artwork set up, but you could have
your logo etched, and then have tags through-etched around the logos.
I have an ancient catalog with (800) 822-1996 as the phone.

Or you could have them cast - several tags on a “stem” would make the
price reasonable.

Dana Carlson