Jewelry Supplies in Australia

I have a friend who has recently found an interest in metal smithing
including jewelry. she lives in Australia and does not know where to
find supplies. Does anyone have answers that I can share with her?


In Brisbane, the AJS (Australian Jewelry Supplies) Corner Albert St
& Burnett Lane in the CBD has a pretty good selection.

John Bowling

Hi Marilyn,

All the state capitals have tool suppliers - where is your friend


I live in Tasmania Marilyn and do a bit of silver work for my whips
and sadly I have found that it is much cheaper for me to get all my
supplies tools,silver,gold etc overseas and have it shipped in. Even
with the shipping costs I have found it to still to be 25% cheaper.I
get all of my metals and most of my tools from Santa Fe jewelers
supplies Great prices, excellent customer service
and like I said the best prices around. Usual disclaimer.

Kind Regards

From The Wild Western Tiers
Of Tasmania Australia
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children all above average.
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There are two main ones I use…

AJS (Australian Jewellery Supplies): tools and such

And the other is A&E Metals: precious metals and such

There are others I’m sure but those are the ones I use most.

Cheers, Thomas Janstrom.
Little Gems.

Hi Marilyn,

Depending on where she lives in Australia there are many tool and
jewellery supplies in pretty much every capital city. House of
Jewellery ( ) is probably the most well known,
they have quite an extensive catalogue and are more than happy to
post it out to remote areas, not that i ever tried. If HOJ aren’t if
the area they will almost certainly know someone who is, everyone in
the trade knows each other and are more than happy to help out.

Goold luck with it all,
Jonathon L. Calleija

Coming out of lurkdom here - nice to have a question I can answer!

Tell your friend to try: for online ordering in most capital cities Melbourne

and Seivers Australia have stores in some capital cities - Perth &
Melbourne anyway - Not sure about the other cities.


In Adelaide

Roche Burmeister for tools and metals etc etc. 50 Gawler Place Twin
Plaza Metals, (tools, metals etc) 55 Gawler Place P W Beck (for
metals, casting, ready made rings etc), 14 Duncan Court, Ottoway

As someone else added… I also buy a lot online from overseas.
Often cheaper… Otto Frei, RioGrande etc.

Good luck and happy making stuff to your friend.


Thanks to all who sent suggestions…Pam, Jonathon, Thomas, Berni,
Roger, John and anyone who I missed naming. I am sorry that I dont
know where in Australia she lives but it sounds as if there should be
no problem in finding a supplier.