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Jewelry store Point of sale system?

I’m looking for a Point of sale system for my family jewelry store.
I’d like a system for sales of course, but I would also like the
system to be able to manage repairs, customer
appraisals, inventory, tie into our website for sales and function
with quickbooks. With the repair management, I’d like the system to
be able to take a picture of the item and get the customer info plus
the job work that needs to be done and print it onto a sticker that
can be applied to the envelope for the job. So far, I’ve looked at
Lightspeed, Swim and the edge. My impressions so far are; that the
cost seems high, the user interface seems overly complimented, or
outdated and they lack some functionality that I’d want. Was
wondering if anyone on here has any experience with these systems or
can recommend an alternative system?

Brendan Thielman