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Jewelry Spa & Jewel Jet steam cleaners

Looking for reviews on two steam cleaners aimed at consumers. Salton
jewelry spa and jewel jet. Salton is a combined steamer and negative
charged bath. Jewel jet is a steamer. Both are priced arond 60 bucks.
(actually they been averaging 79-99 dollars, but with diligence I
have found them cheaper. i cannot afford a commercial steamer or
ultasonic, so this migh be a good stop gap alternative. I mean
really, I would rather buy silver stock with my money, know what I
mean?! I would apprecialte feedback if anyone has tried or knows
about the above. thanks

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hi john, i have the jewel jet and it works great for the occassional
blast needed to remove imbedded compounds in hard to clean spots.
it does not hold pressure for more than working one piece at a
time–you need to wait about 15 seconds for the pressure to rebuild
each blast. i love mine because i only use it as described. hope
this helps. reba

It is interesting to see this subject.

Yesterday I was in the Gesswein web site and saw the Jewel Jet Steam
Cleaner being advertised. In the literature it claims that it makes
25 PSI. I am used to 40-45 PSI. Now that is only about 60 % of the
pressure that I am used to.

Once again I am working by myself and do not need a huge steamer
staying hot all day to only be used a few times, and on something
that has been in the ultrasonic and just needs to have loosened
crude blown away.

So my question is, does anyone know if the 25 PSI that this $50
steamer produces is enough for the short durations that it would be
used? How long does it make 25 PSI?


hi franklin,

it gives you about 10 seconds of “full steam” and quickly regenerates
to full capacity. it also only takes about 4 mins to heat up when
first turned on, so i usually shut it off between uses as to not
forget it’s on. great for short durations. reba

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a steam cleaner for your jewelry projects? We recommend: