Jewelry Shopkeeper Software

Greetings All - Does anyone have any experience with “Jewelry
Shopkeeper” software, by Compulink? I am tired of all of my
i.e., inventory, bookkeeping, price list, tag making,
etc., residing in different places. I would love to get everything
into one cohesive program, and Jewelry Shopkeeper looks like it will
do that. But I would appreciate some feedback if anyone has any first
hand experience. Or, is there something better? Thank you very much.
Be well.

Stuart J. Adelman, Designer
Artelle Designs

I sold my store January of 2000 and for 11 years we used Jewelry
Shopkeeper (and the store still does).

When I sold the store we did 1.8 million, most of it from shop sales
(8800 job enveloeps a year-retail).

The power of ANY POS system is REPORTS. Shopkeeper is one of the
best at it.

I bought it because of the way it tracked jobs in the store. Also
does a great job of inventory. At $2350, its a real value.

Call me if you have questions:

David Geller

Jeweler’s Shopkeeper- I have used it for years. I am a one man shop
and it keeps me sane… No problems whatsoever! Ted