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Jewelry schools

Every once in a while the subject of schools for learning the art of
making jewelry comes up here at Orchid.I started my own jewelry
business before I went to school and found I was not learning fast
enough on my own, so I decided to go to the Rhode Island School of
Design and I am not sorry I did. I have 6 different options that I can
recomend; #1 is the Revere Academy in San Francisco Alan revere does a great job teaching short
courses in the techniques one must learn to call themselves a jeweler.
One can string together several course to become quite proficient as a
bench jeweler. They prepare you to take the Jewelers of America Bench
jewelers certificates. Take enough classes and you can become a
Certified Master jeweler. The Revere Academy is in the heart of San
Francisco with lots of fun to be had near by. #2 Is the Gemological
Institute Of America in Carlsbad, California about 1/2 an hour north
of San Diego. GIA has an amazing new campus overlooking the Pacific
Ocean. Their jewelry arts program is part of a much larger gemology
program that is the finest in the world. The school has first rate
equipment and library. It is ideal for a student that wants to work in
or operate their own jewelry store. GIA is quite expensive but first
rate if you have the money. #3 Is the Rhode
Island School Of Design. In my opinion this is the finest ART school
in the United States. The school has classes in everything from
sculpture, to glass blowing, fashion design, painting printmaking,
jewelry, industrial design etc. Their jewelry department is quite
theoretical, concept oriented and not very practical in teaching you
the real world of jewelry making. You will studying with an elite
student body from all over the world. Risd is one of the most
expensive options #4 Is the Fashion Institute of
America in new York City. here you are thrown into the most
stimulating creative atmosphere in the world. New York is the center
of the Art, Music, Theater, Jewelry, Apparel world. FIT uses
professionals in their field of expertise to teach the classes. I
would say that FIT is the best at teaching their students how to
design and manufacture in the commercial world of the jewelry
industry. #5 Are the craft schools of Penland and
Haystack. Both are very good for the crafter(I hate that word) to take
a week or 2 week class in a technique and discover their inner spirit.
The schools are hidden away from the hubbub of everyday life. Penland
in the woods of North Carolina and Haystack on the rocky coast of
Maine, so that you can concentrate on a subject that a master
craftsman is there to share with you. #6 Is the North Bennet Street School in Boston.
It is actually a trade school where they teach classes such as jewelry
making/repair, and instrument making. I have hired two excellent bench
jewelers from the North Bennet St School. It is resonably priced,
preparing students for a career at the bench. No pretense about this
school. So for all that this is
worth, there are many options for students in the jewelry field.
Often I think there are far too many students for the opportunities
that are out there. If you are interested in making lots of money
look elsewhere. If however you want to make beautiful things with
your hands that are treasured by those who buy them this is a
wonderful occupation.

Etienne Perret
Designing Colored Diamond Jewels
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20 Main St
Camden, Maine
USA 04843