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Jewelry Schools San Diego?

Greetings. I was just about to write a response about North Seattle
Community College, which has some excellent instructors.
Unfortunately, Highline community college closed their rather more
comprehensive jewelry making program several years ago.

I recently moved down to San Diego, and am looking for jewelry making
classes and perhaps some connections to goldsmiths. I’ve been working
on my GG. I’m a little too far south to trek up to GIA on a regular

Leslie Sherman

There is a wonderful jewelry program at the Crafts Center at UCSD.
The Summer quarter is currently in session and will end in September.
There is a month hiatus and the Fall quarter begins early October.

There is an online web site at

The jewelry studio is very well equipped, and they offer Studio time
in addition to class times. That makes it a very good value. There
are two instructors, Jay Whaley and Carol Sivets. Both with good

I have taken classes from both of them, and now am in Jay Whaley’s
class and strongly recommend it.

SDSU also offers excellent jewelry classes. I have not yet taken a
class there, but do hope to do so in the future.


Have you looked into San Diego Mineral & Gem Society (located in
Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park) classes on
Silversmithing, Lapidary, and Gemology? Lots of excellent talent and
help there and also UCSD extension classes.

Greetings from San Diego,

As far as jewelry schools go in the San Diego area, SDSU has a
nationally recognized jewelry program, GIA up in Carlsbad has an
intense (but expensive) jewelry manufacturing school, and the UCSD
Craft Center, (where I teach) has a well equipped jewelry studio and
classes. We also offer hot-glass, neon, welding and foundry
programs, as well. You can contact the Craft Center at (858) 534
2021, or check out the website. I believe some of the local colleges
also have jewelry programs, which you could investigate as well.
Check out Mesa, Palomar, Southwest, and Grossmont Colleges.

----Jay Whaley