Jewelry Schools in St. Louis, MO

I’m posting this for a student who would like to know if there are
any schools, universities, etc. in St. Louis, MO. The one university
only has sculpture & ceramics, which is not her interest. TIA

Eileen Schneegas
Middlesex, England
Snow Goose Designs, Metal & Enamel Art

Eileen Try Maryville U.,in MO.,and over the river in Edwardsville
,Il. they have programs,mabe even offer a masters program.Let
me know if you have trouble with these leads,I could get more info
next week- Becky

There are two near to St. Louis, but they are college programs aimed
at art, not technical programs aimed at preparing for bench work.
SIUE (Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville) is just across the
river from St. Louis and has a decent sized program which is
(apparently, I never talked to the instructor, just students) a good
program. Their address is SIUC (Southern
Illinois University at Carbondale) is farther south, but has a larger
metalworking program, including blacksmithing I understand. Their
address is

Ben Silver

Quite to the contrary. Maryville University has a great metals
program. John Baltrushunas is the professor who was mentored by Heikki
Seppa at Washington University. Also SIU, in Edwardsville, Illinois,
which is just across the river also has a terrific metals program
headed by Paulette Meyers. She too is a former student of Heikki
Seppa. There is also a very strong metal program at Craft Alliance in
St. Louis. Jan Hessel teaches casting there along with many other
very good metalsmithing teachers.

I founded the Society for Midwest Metalsmiths in St. Louis in 1994.
Several of our members belong to SNAG and also have taken courses and
workshops at the centers listed above. Hope this is helpful. Ray Wenneker

Heikki Seppa taught jewelry for years at Washington University, In
St. Louis. Has that program now been ended? If so, it’s news to me…
The SNAG conference there a couple years ago had a lot of fine local
talented jewelry exhibited. There’s gotta be several good programs

Peter Rowe

the craft alliance in in St Louis Has excellent classes with some
outstanding teachers it is located in U CITY near Washington University